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Israel in 20 meals -part 3

Wednesday was a long day of working at the university, and therefore we did not have lunch ‘downtown’ but at the university. This may sound like a terrible thing, but honestly? I wish I had a cafetaria like that at my university. They serve great coffee, several different kinds of fresh juices, made while you are waiting and according to your taste. Other than that, cakes, sandwiches, some warm dishes and they have a great salad bar. Everything is vegetarian, everything is fresh. I don’t understand why we can’t have that at our place. Sure there must be a market for something like that?

Anyway, in the morning I had great juice, for lunch I had a stuffed pepper on lentils and well, basically ‘other grains’. Of course this was no ‘haute cuisine’, that was not the purpose. It was however, well made, fresh, tasty, and one could really notice that the owners like their jobs. On top of that, service was very nice too. Funny, friendly, with a little chat for everyone. I want a place like that too, here, every day. Please.

At night after a long, intense and productive day of work, we decided to take a relatively early dinner (early for Israeli time) and we went to noah’s bistro, a restaurant that I visited once before, quite some time ago, and that is recommended by my good friends. Relatively early, cause the day after we planned to visit Jerusalem, and for this, we were gonna be picked up at 7 or so. Way to early in any case. So to Noah’s in Jaffa. I guess you kind of have to like this kind of restaurant. I do, but I can also see why people don’t. It’s decoration is very alternative. Some would say, the place looks run down. The restaurant is owned by someone who also owns Cordelia, which is just around the corner, and decorated more classically, so if you are not into funky decoration, go to Cordelia, where the food is great too.

This being said, we had a very nice dinner here. We were served by Amy Whinehouse, who was new to the place, which was no problem at all. She took her time, was friendly, and very helpful. We had a nice bottle of Israeli red wine, and again, I forgot where from and what name. Sorry. We started with sharing some small starters: burned eggplant with lebaneh. Good combination I have to say. But, I still like eggplant better unburned (difficult in Israel), I am not such a big fan of the burned taste.  Then, fried sweet potatoe with coarse sea salt. Very colourful, very tasty. My girl then made the excellent choice of the tortelini filled with tahini with hyssop (za’atar) and tahine sauce. Obviously absolutely not italian, but really an extremely good dish. And again, so beautiful! (see below) And again: a vegetarian’s heaven, really. I instead choose a non-vegetarian dish for once. Meatballs, filled with cheese. I was a little disappointed. Not that it didn’t taste well, it did. But, to my taste, it was a little too heavy, which was a pity after all the fresh and light food I ate here. The meatballs were very well done, the combination with cheese worked well, but what was this huge pile of mashed potatoes doing on my plate? (nice mashed potatoes, true, but hey, we’re not in Northern Germany here).

After this my girl made sure we also got some desert, a creamy chocolate thingy, sweet, nice, but too much for me unfortunately.

IMG_0157 IMG_0159 IMG_0160IMG_0161

All in all, a nice place to go for dinner, but I would stick to the fish and/or the vegetarian dishes here. Or simply order meat(balls) with vegetables only, I am sure they will not be offended. Not necessarily on the absolute top of my list for Tel Aviv, but I sure wouldn’t complain if someone invites me to go there again.