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Israel in 20 meals – part 5

The friday report can be relatively short, but not for lack of good food, no no no! On friday, we went out for humus, of course. (friday is humus day for many Israelis I think, at least it is humus days for my friends). And we went to one of the very best humus places there is (it is even number 2 on tripadvisor’s restaurant list for Tel Aviv, for a good reason): Abu Hasan! A small humus joint in Jaffa, which is legendary. Many people say it is the best humus there is (the recipe of course is a secret), and I cannot tell whether it is, for lack of research into other joints (my friends almost always take me here), but it is definitely the absolute best humus I ever ate. Ever. The problem that arose in this restaurant, that it is now also the best humus my girlfriend ate, and that means she can now actually compare my humus, to real humus. Up to our Israel visit, my humus was doing pretty well, now, I have to practice more.

Anyway, a small place, be prepared to wait in a line (it’s worth it), you can also try the warm humus ‘masabacha’ or the humus with ful (broad bean paste), but I prefer the regular humus, with lots of tahina, served with raw onions (which I don’t eat) and some hot sauce. As said, its a small place, it is loud, hectic, chaotic. This is not fine dining at all, but it is the best dish made from only a view ingredients. And it, is a really really good reason to go to Israel. Did you know by the way that chickpeas make you happy? (look here). And hence so does humus? It actually does. It also makes you satisfied for a long time (I only got hungry around 8 at night, which for me is extremely unusual.).

Yet again: go there, eat humus. And if not there, at some place else.

After this lovely lunch, we did not have to eat for a very long time. Instead we made a little walk, to the old harbour of Jaffa, that is becoming a very trendy place, where you can get a good coffee, and sit enjoy a wine and look at the harbour (which is exactly what we did).

At night, after our break at Jaffa harbour, where we enjoyed a bottle of nice white wine, we decided we might be a little hungry maybe, or let’s say, we could eat again. We took a bike (tel-o-fun, also recommended) and cycled to the other harbour in Tel Aviv, the renovated old harbour, basically, because we wanted to enyoj cycling next to the sea as long as possible. Which was amazing, because in the parks next to the sea, everywhere people, families where barbequeing, picknicking. The smell was fantastic, the atmosphere even better. Groups of young people, whole families, joined together in there weekend. No yelling, no extremely loud music, just many many people sitting there, talking, enjoying each other’s company and being relaxed. It made me so happy to cycle through this crowd, and not feeling uncomfortable one single time.

In the Tel Aviv harbour, we went to the restaurant where we had breakfast the first day, because of the nice location (good view of the sea), and the nice service. We got the last table with a good view, ordered another bottle of white wine, and then several small dishes. Of course, again, artichokes with grilled lemons. A bruschetta with grilled tuna and something else with something else (I forgot). All very tasty, all very fresh, made from good products. Not too much food, which was exactly what we wanted.

Such a nice day.