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Italy, day 13

So lunch we can forget, ice cream from gorm again (this time nuts and the salted caramel, nice again), as well es leftovers from the supermarket stuff i bought. Really nothing to write about.

But then dinner (I seem to need to compensate for the last two days, I was told I sound like I need to go home. Now, this is true, but, I still thought I could improve the sound of this blog, here goes:). I went to the restaurant my colleagues from Siena took me too, Il Ghibellino (it surprises me the reviews aren’t better), and i promised myself to have some good food. This worked out well.

The restaurant was still competely empty when I arrived, despite of my efforts, my northern European self came through, i was hungry, at 19.50!!! I deciced not to be bothered by that and simply entered the restaurant. I ordered a red wine, and got a half-a-bottle of chianti (i really like that if restaurants have that, it shows they are aware of the fact that there are people travelling alone, or with people who do not drink wine, who do not necessarily want to drink a whole bottle but who do like to drink nice wines.)

Anyway, Chianti, from Siena, it was nice, smooth, dry, not too dry, and not to harsh either. I liked it. Then I order my food: carpaccio di petto d’ oca con radicchio rosso and prosciutto di maiale al forno con macedonia di verdure.

Turned out, I had a good day of food picking. The starter was a very nice carpaccio of goose meat, which I think was smoked. It almost tasted like ham, but more subtle, and it went very well with the bitter taste of the radicchio. It was dressed with some good olive oil and lemon, and all in all…great. I liked the combination of the somewhat smokey meat and the bitter (but crunchy) radicchio, maybe I’ll try making something like this at home myself (more then enough goose meat there). The main dish was nice too, ham, with herbs roled in it (rosemary, sage, thymian I think), and then baked in the oven  with mixed vegetables.

I unfortunately had to have desert as well, since my good friend Naama recommended the delizia from Wilma from this restaurant (I have no idea which Wilma is meant here my colleague suggested it was the one from the flintstones), cantuccini soaked in coffee with a creamy sauce and pine nuts. I was smart enough to order a grappa to go with it and digest all this stuff. Luckily I remembered the italian word for mild grappa, which, you would never believe it, is grappa morbida. (which to me sounds like, very dangerous grappa)

Important knowlegde as it turns out. The grappa was, in fact very mild and nice.