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Italy, day 18

It’s been a while, but I wanted to report about my last two days in italy nonetheless. Easter was (see day 17) hard to beat of course, but on this day we did well on our own as well. Today was a day of walking around, visiting the spanish stairs, the piazza del popolo and the trevi fountains. Of course, today too, Rom was full of tourist, but, taking the streets next to the streets with the signs to the main attractions helped finding quiet places. The weather helped as well, so, happy walking through Rom yet again.

After finishing the Spanish stairs, I was hungry (yet again!) and we walked around to find a place that was not too much of a tourist trap. Our travel guide helped a bit and soon we found Edy in Vicolo del Babuino, 4. A not too big restaurant, nothing fancy with respect to decoration (in fact, quite ugly), but, the service was ok and so was the food, and, for this area which is probably full of tourist traps, the price was ok too. I had melanzane parmigiana, the perfect food for the slight hangover that i had from all the wine, it was well done, nice eggplants, a little greasy, but not too much. Great. That was followed by a pasta carbonara, which was ok, but I have to admit I like my own carbonara better. However, that’s just a matter of taste, it was well-made. All in all a decent place to eat, especially in that area I guess.
After that we walked around a bit, looked in some shops, sat at the piazza (beautiful), and went to the trevi fountains. In the street via Arcione there is a good gelateria (gelati, gelati), with really great ice. Do not go to the ones directly next to the Trevi fountains, but just walk this street, leaving from the fountain it is to your left, a small shop, with their own ice cream. A treat!

Dinner time we spent in Trastevere. First we drank a spritz, at the piazza di Santa Maria, lecker, and a great place to just sit and watch people. After that we went to a restaurant just around the corner, where we were welcomed very enthusiastically. Service was extremely nice, funny and kind, the food was quite expensive I thought. (i forgot the name of the restaurant, sorry), I had fried zucchine flowers as primi, they were a little too greasy to my taste and after that we shared a huge sea bass which they had just grilled on a huge grill in the restaurant (i know, cause we were taken there and could see how our fish was doing :-)), this was really nice, and we got a nice oil with garlic and herbs, and also we had ordered mushrooms and of course artichokes. Hmmmm a good meal, but as said, compared to all the other food we ate, expensive. Anyway, since the food was good, and so was the service, it was ok.