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Tel Aviv from Jaffa to Carmel market

We moved place, the first month we rented an apartment in Jaffa, on the main street, which was convenient, but also quite noisy. But: fish monger directly next door, and the best humus in town (Abu Hasan), a few minutes walk from home! Now, food wise, we are doing even better, we are living directly next to Carmel market. Which is one of my favourite markets in the world. So much fresh vegetables, and fruits. So many beautiful colours. It is hot, it is loud, it is messy and chaotic. Great. And yet again, we live next to the best humus place in the world (or no, the humus is good, it is the best ful in the world!).

But, good food was easy to get in Jaffa as well. What i especially liked where our saturday (your sunday) breakfasts in a restaurant (Faroukh?) in the flea market. I couldn’t find it on tripadvisor, it is in the same street as Shaffa, where we were supposed to go, had we followed tripadvisor, but which was too crowded for us, and here we found a nice and quiet place, from which we could watch people and where they had a nice breakfast, as you can see from the picture. Furthermore, the waitresses looked as if they just woke up, which, i think is suiting the idea of breakfast…IMG_4090

Also nice, and not in Jaffa, was our lunch in the Ouzeria, which is in Florentin, a nice area, hip, very interesting and colourful spice market, and many small restaurants with food. Ouzeria was a recommendation from our friends here, we tried it together on a friday, but: no chance at all! Hence, we figured we go there during a week day, and we were lucky to get a place. They have a special lunch menu, which is reasonably priced, and very good. Here is what we got:

Beet root ravioli (filled with goat cheese), the ravioli is made from a slice of beet root. We have to try that at home. Calamari (very good), pasta with another cheese and anchovis, eggplant with tahini (ordered extra) and not on the pictures: black beans with calamaris. Friendly service, crowded place. We went there a second time, to sit at the bar, so that we could also look into the kitchen, and were again not disappointed. Good food, fresh products, that are treated well. We might even go there again!