Tel Aviv – update

So, the plan to blog about our food experiences here every other day did not really work out yet. I guess i am doing so much writing on my research proposal, that i don’t feel like writing anything else anymore in my free time. But: deadline is in 4 days, so we’ll see if it gets better after that.

In the meantime: the food is, as always, very good here. So much fresh fruits and vegetables. We eat strawberries for breakfast almost every day, we eat lots of watermelon, drink pomegranate juice. Or any kind of juice really. And it is almost always very nice.

Our kitchen is, compared to what we have at home, rather, well let’s say: minimalistic. One can cook, yes, but there are so many things missing, both appliances, and basic ingredients, that it is not as much fun as at home. Where, i guess, we have rather spoiled ourselves. But, there is good news as well. We have a fish shop directly in front of our apartment, that is open almost every day, and has very very fresh fish, caught by the family of the shop owner himself. Since fish neither needs many appliances, nor much other stuff, we have made a lot of fish: dorade, sea bass, and grey mullet. Mostly with some small tomatoes, herbs in its belly, lemon, salt and pepper and in the oven. Hmmm delicious. If only we could get fresh fish like this at home!

Here some shopping results, as well as one of our home made dishes: sea bass filets with tomatoes and artichokes. We bought 6 artichokes here, for a price for which we would have gotten one at home… but, season is almost over i am told, so we’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

The owner of our apartment in Jaffa, Noa, brought us a barbeque, and hence, i had to try shrimps from the barbeque. Very nice, also again, very fresh shrimps. very hard to skin, unfortunately.

and may be the reason i am not writing is that i rather watch the sun setting. Isn’t that beautiful?


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