First food report- Israel

We are in Israel, for two whole months! Me to work (aim: grant application, and progress on a paper) with a colleague, and my wife to learn hebrew. And both of us to have fun, time, no stress and lots of good food.

Our first dinner, we had at Zakaim, a place where we ate a year ago, and my wife choose this one to start our Israeli time. Good choice! It’s a vegetarian restaurant with many vegan dishes, friendly service, and the looks of a second hand shop. I like it. We had burnt eggplant with tahina and tomatoe something, a ravioli filled with lebaneh (a fresh cheese), spicy tomatoe sauce and almonds (very very tasty), a lemony artichoke, chips, ful (bean paste) and pomegranate juice. And of course a very nice first evening with our Israeli friends.

The next day, we took some time to get used to our new surroundings (the first month we are in Jaffa, in an apartment from airbnb), we went out for breakfast, did some shopping, ate very very good falafel at Itzik, which is at jerusalaim street, a small shop, with very friendly people. The shopping we also did at jerusalaim street, where there are many nice vegetable shops, and shops with all kinds of beans and lentils and couscous. We wanted to make a nice dinner, but after the falafel, we didn’t really need to eat that much, so dinner was tomatoes and cucumber…

And today, after more shopping (a fish store right in front of our apartment, pics will follow), we went for lunch at abu hasan, which is just around the corner, and indeed has the best humus i ever ate. It is crowded, and loud, and you might need to wait a bit, but it is really worth it. And interestingly, after humus, you are really satisfied for quite a long time. Normally, i really get hungry soon again, and have to eat something in order not to get grumpy. But, not after this chickpea dish, which keeps me happy for several hours. Which is good, since now i got some time to write this up, before we make our own fish with tomatoe couscous dinner.

more later.



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