Monthly Archives: June 2014

more eating than cooking

it’s been quiet here . There are several reasons: I did not have much time or energy to do the daring cook thing, and some of the last challenges didn’t appeal to me all that much. I haven’t been cooking many new things lately. And then we have this big party in the summer that needs to be planned (it is going to be wonderful).

But, we have been eating out a lot lately, and I bought myself a new cookbook: Home Made Summer, by Yvette van Boven. I first saw this at a friend of mine’s and liked it immediately. can’t wait to have a quiet weekend with lots of shopping at the market and then playing in the kitchen with in.

As for eating out, we went to (not in this order):

1) Bestial (twice). Happy to say that service has improved! We are especially glad about the new bar tender Sam, who makes very good cocktails (he was in Sierra, Oldenburg before). We ate burgers one time, which were good. Good quality meat, not to dry (and not to medium), with nice bread, and good sauces. The pinot noir went down well also. (we started with an aperol spritz, not made by Sam, and that was unfortunately not all that great. Or let’s say: mine is better.) The second we came here, we ate from the grill. They placed two huges grills on the terrace and make a very nice menu from them. A recommendation! fresh meat, nice vegetables and interesting combinations (but I don’t remember them all that well anymore, except for the patty from calb meat, which was lovely).

2) der Schwan. This was basically just because we had a meeting there and hadn’t had anything to eat. I wouldn’t go there for dinner, because the food is not great, and I especially do not like the service there. They are extremely slow, unattentive and sometimes even rude. But, we again had burgers with fries and they were ok. And of course it has a very nice terrace directly next to the small harbour. Anyway, for a beer or so it is nice. Wouldn’t come back for food though.

3) Schmitz. We’ve been here before and were very happy about this ‘newish’ restaurant. They changed the menu a bit since last time, now also offering a menu with a wine menu as well, which is what we took. Before that we had austern, always nice, even though it was not the best time of the year (but, we had to celebrate a birthday, so what can you do?). After that, we had the three course menu, starting with tuna in two variations (one grilled, one as a tartare), both delicious. Very good quality fish, very fresh tastes and great combinations (with mint for instance), without being complicated or prententious. This was followed by calb in a sauce with herbs, with polenta and some things I don’t recall (and somehow the pics on my camera are gone, so I cannot trigger my memory). Desert was great, but too much, which I always find a pity, because you then end up feeling overeaten. (ok I did not have to eat all, but it really was very nice!). In Schmitz, service is great, for instance, we got a luke warm red wine to our main dish, which, really was just too warm. We commented on it, and immediately got a new glass, from a bottle taking directly from the cellar, which had a perfect temperature. Of course, if you pay a little more, this is what you should be able to expect. But it is nice anyway.

4) Het Strand (Katwijk, Netherlands). Sliptongetjes met patat, after a walk at the beach. Perfect. It is full, loud, relatively expensive (although I think the prices for the fish are justified, sliptong is not supposed to be cheap!), but the view of the sea makes you forgive everything.

5) Bistro Bord’o (Leiden, Netherlands). This I will probably do in a longer blog post with pictures. Summary: really good food, creative kitchen, beautiful plates, very nice wines, good service.

Some more dining out this week, and then for the rest of the month and next month, I would really like to eat in, and start cooking all those nice summer vegetables that are arriving at our market!