gevulde speculaas -update

My gevulde speculaas baking infected die Kaltmamsell, who turned it into a much less messy baking event: a couple of changes to the original   recipe makes our lives much easier (and the kitchen cleaner). Thanks dear Kaltmamsell!

So, first of all: you can make the dough in advance, it is even recommended, but, do not leave it in the fridge all the time, cause it’s gonna be rock hard and you will not be able to use it. Either take it out well in advance, or, like I did last time, just let it rest in a relatively cool place. This makes it much easier to get it into the form.

Second: I followed Kaltmamsell’s recommendation and first made the top of the speculaas, rolling half of the dough (or in fact a little less than half) on cling film, which I put on the form, so that it had exactly the right size. (I used a springform, so this was easy). once done, put it aside and the role the other half onto the form. I left over a little bit of dough to make a small edge/rim, so that the almond filling is covered from the sides as well. I just rolled this on my working top, cut small stripes and put them carefully into the form. After this the almond paste comes in. Mine is to thin to role, but I actually think that makes it easier. Just put it in, and then, carefully smear it into the form, so that it is divided equally. I used a spoon for that, which I made wet with a bit of water, so that the paste does not stick to it.

Then: tricky part: getting the top on the almond paste. I now had a beautifull top, but…no idea how to get it in without making a new mess. I just turned it over carefully, and it happened to land approximately there where I wanted to have it, but it also broke a little bit. I think as Kaltmamsell suggest, the Tortenretter (no idea how to translate that) is indeed needed here.

I’ll have to make another one, to optimize the process!

But, most importantly: the taste was great. It had a nice crust, I made it a little less sweet, and all agreed it was very good and better than the stuff bought in the supermarket.IMG_2858


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