Israel in 18 meals- part 9

I should have called this series Israel in 18 meals, of course our trip took 10 days, and we should have had 20 meals in that, but since the last day was a travelling day I can only report relatively sad food experiences from that, and only one from Israel, on the airport, in the wine bar. The salad was bad, the wine was good. So: eat as much good food before you start your way home, there is not much to expect from the airport food in my experience.

On our final day, we went to Jaffa again, to look at the little shops, and at the market. And of course, where to eat when in Jaffa but in Haj Kahil. It was a close finish though, we also seriously considered going back to the humus place, but then thought, in Haj Kahil we can also have good humus, and all the other nice stuff. Also, on the first night we went there, my girl did not get to try the cheese dish that David Lebovitch wrote about, so, there was another good reason to go there. I won’t repeat myself. Well ok briefly: it was again, delicious. More than enough food, it’s really a pity one cannot eat more. We did order the cheese, deep fried haloumi. It was nice, but for me not the main reason to go here, a little too salty to my taste. But never mind, all the little salads were wonderful, and so was the humus. Next visit to Israel, we will for sure go there again!


And at night, we finally finally managed to go to Oasis. Our friend called them the day before to make a reservation, this is highly recommended! It is a very small restaurants with only a few tables (inside and outside) which is hugely popular. For good reasons, I can say. The restaurant is small, the kitchen, which is open, so you can see the cook in action, is tiny, which makes it all the more impressive what is being served. Service is kind, and attentive, prices are on the higher end (relative to what we have paid before in Tel Aviv), but I don’t consider it overpriced, since the food is really really good. See pictures.


We got a small bloody mary as a welcome drink, after which the waitress came and explained the menu. We were a bit late, and so not everything could be made anymore, which is of course always a disappointment. But I also consider it a good sign, since it means that the cook doesn’t buy too much food and has to throw away a lot. We started by sharing a zucchini salad, which may sound a little boring, but it was in fact perfect: fresh and raw zucchini, grated and mixed with good parmesan and olive oil and some lemon. So simple, but with the best ingredients, a dish from heaven. After that I had a vietnamese fish dish. I don’t remember all the ingredients anymore, and I can also not tell how vietnamese it really was (this being the first time ever I ate something vietnames), but: I loved it. Again, very good ingredients, very fresh, with a combination of spices and herbs that made it taste like nothing I ever ate before. If I would live in Tel Aviv, I would most certainly go there more often and eat it over and over again. To drink we had an Orvieto, also highly recommendable, and very reasonably priced. We ended the meal with different desert s(since some were sold out already), I had a lemon ice thingy. Hmmm nice.

Despite all these positive words, it is not my favourite restaurant in Tel Aviv (I think this still is Orna and Ella). Not sure why, definitely not because of the food. It may have been the cook, who looked as if on uppers, and also the other people that worked there, had an attitude which didn’t make me feel comfortable. Not sure what it was. Maybe it was just the fact that this was our last night in Tel Aviv, which meant saying good bye to my friends and to Israel, which made me sad.

Well, for my next sabbatical we plan to go to Tel Aviv for one or two months, then for sure I can try Oasis again, and all of the other restaurants we’ve been to!


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