Israel in 20 meals – part 8

Almost there! Just a few more meals to report.

In the last couple of years, I bought most of my summer cloths in Tel Aviv, (usually what I buy there, counts as winter or spring cloths, not summer… which leads to funny exchanges with the shop owners), so this time too, we had to go shopping, and monday was the day. But since shopping makes hungry and since it is exhausting, we needed a good breakfast before. And for a good breakfast, you go to Benedict, a restaurant that serves breakfast all day. You are being welcomed by a friendly ‘good morning’ at any time of the day. Nice concepts, it suits us. They serve both savory and sweet dishes, so, both my girl and me where happy. See below, pancakse, with maple syrup, bacon, nuts, as well as a burger, nicely spiced, on mashed potatoes, with pine nuts, and served with salad. Everything is made with fresh and good ingredients. Bring a lot of hunger, because portions are huge!

IMG_2613 IMG_2612

After breakfast, we went to Sheinkin street, and there to Naama Bezalel, a small shop with clothes designed by, Naama Bezalel. Also a recommendation by my local friend. It’s a small shop, decorated in, 70ties style (I think, I don’t know much about that). Normally I buy my trousers there, but no luck this time. I either didn’t like them, of they didn’t fit. However, I bought a beautiful jacket in red (so red, that it seems to shine and back home, I already got lots of compliments) and my girl made me buy a dress in purple (yes, a dress, in purple, and I even like it!). After that we went to Cotton, a shop that sells  ecologically ok cloths completely made in Israel (which, I assume, makes them fair trade as well). Both of us were dressed several times by the friendly helpers in the shop, and hence, we left the shop with 11 pieces of clothing…and happy! Of course after this we deserved some more looking at the sea, as well as a good dinner!

Time to repeat ourselves. We wanted to go to Oasis, but this was fully booked already and we didn’t want to wait for a table there, hoping we would have a chance to go there the next day. Instead we went to Orna and Ella again, a perfect place to go to more than once during a visit. I keep repeating myself, by saying how wonderful our dinners were. But, truth is, they were. All of them. This night we started with vegetarian starters (lentils, grilled vegetables), and after that my girl had a cauliflower sinya and I had fish in tomato sauce. Both were very good, but the sinya definitely won. Very interesting combination of grilled cauliflower (I now really love cauliflower), with tahini, pine nuts and some tomatoes as well. At home, my girl tried to make the cauliflower sinya several times, with good results, but not yet as perfect as the one at Orna and Ella’s So any recommendations on good recipes will be very much appreciated!



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