Israel in 20 meals -part 7

In Israel, one should of course not only eat humus, but also: Falafel. Which, to my shame, I have to admit I’ve never done before. But on sunday the time was there! We did not have any specific plans where to go, we merely walked around and wanted to go to the beach, to sit and watch the sea and have a beer. But, before that, food. Of course one can find Falafel almost on every corner, but we didn’t want just any falafal, we wanted good falafel. It took some walking around, but then, we saw this here, completely crowded with a row. A good sign!


And, as it turned out afterwards, even the Haaretz agrees is one of five best places to eat Falafel in Tel Aviv. Well done, and we found it all by ourselves (I am a little proud I have to say, we just walked around and went to the place that was most crowded and loud that we found, and it was Falafel Gabai.). Tasty Falafel, very loud, funny service (if you tip enough, they start singing for you!), a good place for lunch. Oh how I wish I had something like that just around the corner from my office. But alas.

To make our day completely vegan (well apart from the capucinno for breakfast), after our day at the beach we went out for dinner to Mezze, which was recommended to us by our local friends. And yet again, another good recommendation. Service is not too quick, but very friendly. It has a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. We had the three tahini variations with breath (with beet root, natural and with I think basil, something green in any case) very tasty, very yummy. As a main dish we shared a huge quinoa salad (not a good picture I know), with fresh herbs, pine nuts, again with tahini and I don’t remember anymore what else. It was fresh, it was for sure very healthy, and it was food that made me happy. Ever since we visited Israel we eat quinoa salad at home (for instance Yotam Ottolenghi’s with broad beans, avocado and radish). Delicious.  Too bad, that although it is vegan, healthy, and probably also ecologically ok, it is not food we should eat too often (see here).



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