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Israel in 20 meals -part 1

Middle of March I was lucky enough to be in Israel for 10 days. Partly work, partly vacation. My girl joined me, and I worked together with one of my best colleagues, who happens to live in Tel Aviv. This was my fourth time already there. And it was, as always a pleasure. The weather was nice, the sea was blue, the company very very nice and the food… amazing. A brief journal of our meals:

1) we started on monday morning (well ‘morning’ really) in the old harbour of Tel Aviv, which is renovated (and still in the process of being renovated, partly). A nice place to sit, look at the sea and relax. Lot’s of restaurants and bars, and most of them looking very nice. Of course I forgot the name of the restaurant where we were, it was quite far to the northern end, with white furniture, and good food! We had two healthy (big breakfasts including granola with buffalo yoghurt, tasty quinoa salad -this is going to be a quinoa year- and more nice and healthy stuff) and two pancakes with fruits and both were amazing. No need for lunch today:


2) Our first dinner was at Orna & Ella’s. One of my favourite restaurants in Tel Aviv. I like the no-nonsense style of the interior and the food, and come back here everytime I am in Tel Aviv (which is partly my hosts/friends fault, who is also a big fan). It is very straightforward, with good ingredients, very friendly waiters and reasonable prizes. This night we were five persons and made a reservation (highly recommended for bigger groups, for a couple you just might be lucky). We shared some starters, like the obligatory yam pancakes. This really is a must, they are sweet, very tasted and very well done. My friend told me, they have one person in the kitchen who is in charge of the yam pancakes. I tried to make them myself a couple of times, also nice, but not as good as the ones served here, and I ever since understand how much time they take to make. Delicious! We also had a simple green salad, which has a very good, slightly sweet balsamic dressing and some cheese on it. After these, we all had our main dishes. Mine was a plate of tortellini filled with butternut squash and butter-sage sauce. pasta perfect, filling as well. Slightly sweet, combining very well with the sage butter. Better than my own filled pumkin ravioli, I have to say. And that says something.

-to be continued!