Eggplant with tahina – a perfect one person dinner or lunch

Being alone for a couple of days and of course full of pity for myself, I decided I at least had to eat well. Also, I wanted to do something with the huge amount of tahina I have in my cupboard (imported from Israel, presents from Israel, but there is only so much tahina a western person needs). I remembered my Israeli friend once said that when I make roasted eggplant again, I should eat it with tahina. Actually, she didn’t really understand I ate it without tahina in the first place, since in Israel this is obligatory, or so it seems.

Anyway, I wanted a quick, healthy and not too heavy dinner for one, so I bought: 1 eggplant, the rest I already had at home to make myself a nice eggplant with tahina dinner.

you’ll need: 1 eggplant, olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, tahina, salt and pepper.

-preheat the oven as hot as you can (alternatively you can use the grill, or even roast the eggplant on the stove, since I don’t really like the burnt taste, I roasted it IN the oven) and out in the eggplant. Do not forget to pierce the eggplant before you do so, otherwise you will have ‘exploded eggplant’ all over your kitchen once you get it out. (no kidding, this happened to me the very first time I roasted eggplant, it is quite dangerous, because it becomes extremely hot.)

-roast the eggplant for about 45-60 minutes, depending on its size. It should look  burnt, and shriveled.

-in the meanwhile prepare the tahina: i took a big spoonfull, mixed it with a little bit of water and some lemon juice, and some salt, and some parsley.

-take out the eggplant, carefully cut it in half (hot!), sprinkle with salt and pepper, parsley. Serve with the tahina and some bread.

really, delicous, and no work at all.
Oh, and should you be in a country that is crazy about tahina, like Israel, Lebanon or so: buy a pot. it is worth the trouble of bringing it home, because it is really much better than the stuff you can get in Western Europe.


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