horrible and very nice food experience in one weekend

To celebrate end of term we went for a drink last friday, and since we didn’t wanna cook we also went for dinner afterwards. Unfortunately, my favourite italian place was booked, so we thought we’d try another one, new for us: Casa Vecchia (Oldenburg, Germany). Summary: awful. Don’t go there. Service: not particularly friendly and extremely slow (there were maximum 5 tables occupied, I saw definitely 4 people serving, so they can’t have been busy, right?) and quite arrogant. The wine we got was nice to drink, after we had looked at the closed bottle for about 10 (?) minutes, but the day after I had a headache. The antipasti tasted good, but there was a dead fly on them. My main course did not taste good, it was as if the beef wasn’t really fresh anymore. brr. Very depressing decoration in the restaurant. Too expensive. Pity. Won’t go there ever again.

To make up for that we went to a much better place the day after: Landhaus Tettens. Summary: very good food, for a very nice price! I hope I will go there again, some time soon. The restaurant is a little dark (it’s an old farmers house) and the design is a bit archaic and a bit country style like, but in a rather nice way. The atmosphere is pleasant. Here too, there were at most 5 tables occupied (well, one with a big group), and three people working in the service, but here, service was fine, maybe they had a little too much time (one was rather talkative). Anyway, as a starter we had a terrine of salmon with a cucumber granitee, and wasabi. really really nice. The only thing i can complain about the granitee is that is was way too little. This tasted so refreshing, I could have eaten a whole glass. The terrine was well made and went really well with the wasabi paste, spicy, but refreshing. After the starter, we ate meat again (although allegedly the restaurant is known for its very good fish, but we wanted meat, what can you do…), pork from the area and a schnitzel, both with fried potatoes, and both really good. The meat was fresh, tender, and the cook surely knew what he was doing, the pork filet was even a little pink still. Only complaint: too much, it would be good to offer half portions as well I guess.

(sorry the pics are a little too yellowy, but I guess you get an idea).

We drank a nice grauburgunder to both dishes, and this one too made happy. Conclusion: if you happen to be in the area (close to Bremerhaven): go there!


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