mascarpone-elderflower ice cream

I made ice cream! with mascarpone and elderflower sirop! It turned out great!

But…I forgot to make pictures and didn’t write down what I did…so no real recipe yet. But I am nonetheless a little proud. We will serve it tomorrow, when we have guest, I think it will go very well with fresh strawberries.

This is what I did: mix 250 gram mascarpone with some confectioners sugar (not too much, after all the sirop is sweet as well) and then added about 1dl of elderflower sirop (the amount will probably depend on how intens your sirop is, ours is very intense). After that I made whipped cream without sugar with I think about 60 ml of cream and mixed this carefully in the mascarpone mixture. This went into the ice machine (which is a whole different story. First get the thing running and THEN put in the mixture, not the other way around ­čÖé as I first did).

This took about 15 minutes all in all to make. I hope tomorrow it is not stone hard. We’ll see. At least the taste is extremely good.

yummy! (i’m a bit excited, hence all the !!!)


-update: tasted great, I’ll make it again.


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