Monsieur Vuong

Last week I was in Berlin for work. Always nice to go to Berlin of course, and this visit was no exception. I especially looked forward to my visit, because a colleague and I planned to go and eat VIetnamese at Monsieur Vuong‘s. I got recommendations for Monsieur Vuongs from several people, so as soon as we had a longer lunch time break, we left the conference and took the U-Bahn to Rosa Luxemburgplatz. From there it is just a short walk to M. Vuong.

We were lucky, it is not possible to reserve a table there, and it is very popular, so we  expected we had to wait a little, but within 5 minutes there was a table free outside for us. Great! Even the sun started shining. Two of us ordered curries, I ordered glass noodles with small beef stripes and veggies. We had a yellow, a red and a green shake, and they were all great (mango-coconut, raspberry, and apple-mint) and fresh. The food was just as fresh, and it was in one word: delicious! I am pretty sure that from now on, whenever I am in Berlin, I will go there. Very authentic taste, really fresh products, spicy, but in a nice way. Yummy! Apart from that prices are more than reasonable, we paid 35 Euros for three meals, which I think is more than ok.

By the way, on one of the other days we visited another very nice Asian restaurant, Asian Deli,(yes, bad colours on their website), in Prenzlauerberg. Also very good (not as good as Vuong though), they have dishes from Indonesia and Maleisia as well as Vietnam, and more choice in general. I really like there Coconut Soup with fresh pieces of coconut in it. As a main course I had chicken with vegetables, cashew nuts, and peanut sauce and rice. Nice and spicy, but not all vegetables were as nice and fresh as in Vuongs.  Yet, still a great meal, and this restaurant is even cheaper than Mr. Vuong, so it’s a bargain. Go visit them if you’re in Prenzlauerberg!


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