Ottolenghi’s roasted vegetables with capern dressing

A while ago, I bought the Ottolenghi Cookbook ‘Plenty’, and although I was immediately enthusiastic about it, it took me a while to get cooking from it (basically because i was to busy renovating, gardening and working, which means most of the times to exhausted to even think of trying something new.). But about a week ago or so, i took some time to look through it again, and just really wanted to get started on some of the recipes. Last friday we had a visitor for dinner, so, time to go ahead.

I choose one of the first recipes, the roasted parsnips with capern sauce, go here for the recipe as it was posted in the guardian four years ago. It has an incredibly good looking picture, and it just sounds lovely. Only problem: no way to get parsnips here on a non-market day, so I exchanged them for normal carrots.Not only did it have an incredibly nice picture in the book, all in all it is a beautiful dish, and I could make some pretty pics myself as well:

The first is from the first stage, mixing the garlic, carrots, red onions with good olive oil, thymian and rosemary (fresh of course) before putting it in the oven for about 20-30 minutes. Then I added the sweet potatoes, and 40-45 minutes later the halved cherry tomatoes were added for another 10 minutes. In the end I put some roasted sesame seeds (optional in the recipe, I was glad I added them though, fits perfect to the other tastes) and of course finally the special capern dressing, made out of oil, capern, some mustard and maple syrup and some vinegar. See the second picture, isn’t that just lovely? We served it with grilled lamb chops (good idea, but one can also eat it without meat) and some bread, and all agreed this was a perfect dish, which we sure need to make more often. The combination of the sweet vegetables, sweet from the slow roasting, and the fresh dressing is incredibly nice. The addition of the capern adds for an new taste, not something very familiar (that is, to me, in this combination), but really refined.

Good recipe, and lots of fun to make too!


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