Italy, day 19

Almost time to go home, our last day in Rom. But, we had promised ourselves one more good meal. So off we went, after doing the necessary shopping in an italian supermarket (flour, oil, etc. etc.) and bringing our suitcases to the station (count on 20 minutes for this, you’re not the only one with this plan), we headed of for Monti. I had remembered on time that Hande tipped us about the best lunch deal in Rom, namely 12 euro for a full lunch (antipasti, primi, secundo, water, wine, tuesdays till fridays) in l’ Asino d’oro! Which was our favourite restaurant anyway, so we decided we would give that a try. Of course we northern Europeans were way to early, which left us time for a prosecco sparkling wine in a bar close by. After that, at 13.00 sharp we were hungry and ready for lunch. Indeed, a fixed menu, no choice whatshowever, but that didn’t matter at all. In fact, I sometimes rather prefer the restaurant chooses for me, it is lazy i know, but this way, I will eat things I would otherwise never order, like the antipasti bean soup for instance. This was very nice, a velvetty texture, beany, yes, but not heavy, great! This was followed by canneloni filled with ricotta, which was ‘spiced up’ with herbs, some lemon and some spinach. Good too. And then finally, meat balls with brocolli and tomatoe sauce. That was not spectacular, but just a nice dish.

And that, including half a litre of water and a glass go good white wine for only 12 Euro? I think Hande is right and this might very well be the best lunch deal in Rom. Thanks for the tip. I will sure visit this restaurant again, next time I’m in Rom.


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