Italy, day 16

And yet another day in Italy, Rom on which we did everything right, well foodwise, that is. Cause first, we started with a visit of the vatican museums, which is really beautiful and all, but: DON’T GO on the easter weekend, cause the rest of the world is there as well. It was beyond crowded, at times utterly unpleasant. But, the museum was beautiful as always and we concentrated on a few things, and then it was ok. After over two hours of museum we deserved some food. Good thing was, we got a tip form Hande to go to the pizzarium, close to the metro stop Cipro, close to the museum. Very good tip. We were warned on beforehand that it was the best, but probably also the most expensive pizza in town, both was true. The pizzarium is extremely small, you can only eat outside, standing or sitting on the sideways. There is a little ‘shop’ in the front, where you see all the pizzas and can ask for which one you want, and also how much, cause they cut you a piece from a bigger rectangle pizza and then warm it again in the oven. Which was perfect, cause now we could try more tastes of course. We had four, one with beef and tomatoe, one with ricotta and broad beans, one with peas and broad beans and…what was the fourth type again???? hmm I forgot, pity. Drinks you could take from a fridge and they are fun too (most seem to come from the slow food movement). We found a very special rare Dutch beer there, which I think is hard to find even in the Netherlands. After you pay, you have to wait a bit, cause the pizza goes back in the oven, and then you get it on a wooden plate, and you can eat it outside, on the sideway. Definitely very very very good pizzas, a thick crust (not roman style), lots of filling on it, very good and fresh products, interesting combinations.

And this was only lunch! For dinner, we went to another recommendation, l’asino d’oro, in monti, Via del Boschetto 73. We were there relatively early around 7.30 (too early for Rom) and made a reservation for 21, which was a good idea, cause it’s -for good reasons- a very popular restaurant. Not the cheapest one in town, but also definitely not expensive. Very friendly waiters, nice and relaxed atmosphere, and the best food I had in a restaurant in quite a while. Very original dishes, creative combinations, extremely well made. perfect.

We first got a little something from the house (in french amuse, but what’s it called in Italian?), as well as fresh bread and we ordered a red wine (i forgot which one, I’ll ask). As primi piatti, we had this:

and this:

The first is mine, ravioli filled with ricotta with a mild lemony taste, and a (green) asparagus- pinenut pesto. And this pesto was absolutely amazing, such a nice mild taste. All in all, a great dish, I hope I will be able to replicate it at home, not gonna be easy I’m afraid. My girl also had a very good choice, a strozzapretti with wild boar sauce. completely different from mine, but also extremely tasty.

Then Secundi:here the pictures are not so good, especially the second one looks, well, not too appealing. But the smell! Wow!: The first is pulpo with brocolli, which i didn’t taste, cause it I didn’t want to mix the taste with mine, since it was such a completely different dish. Anyway, reports were very very positive on this one. Then mine: wild boar in chocolate-vinegar sauce. yes. really. It was absolutely delicious. A very strong taste. In fact, every bite was a little explosion in my mouth. Very exciting dish, almost a little exhausting to eat, cause the taste was so strong. again, wow.

Finally, we decided we could not eat anymore, but there was no way around it, we had to try a desert in this great restaurant too.Zabaione, with almond, and strawberries. hmmm. Lecker.

Summary: L’asino d’oro? When you are in Rom? Go there. They have very nice lunch deals as well, for 12 Euro you get water, wine, antipasti, primi, secundi. See day 19 ­čÖé for more on that


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