Italy, day 15

And another great day in Rom. The weather was beautiful, and although we had not had much sleep at all (noise hotel), we were happy to go and walk around. Our first mission of the day was the campo di fiori, because of the market there. The market was great, nice atmosphere, a little bit too much for tourists to my taste, but still, the stands with al the different vegetables are just beautiful. I wish I had them here too.

After that we walked to Trastevere, to enjoy this nice part of Rom, and of course to find a good place to eat. Luckily not only I have a good food memory, cause here my girl recognized a restaurant from her last visit, namely Da Augusto, a loud, small, crowded, and I think what you’d call very authentic restaurant. No menu, or if there was, we didn’t get any. Our food italian is enough to get something nice though, and we had ‘just a pasta’, a great ravioli, filled with ricotta and spinach. On top of it a meat sauce, which as the waiter had said, went indeed perfectly well with the ravioli. Simple food, simple restaurant, but good food!

Now, the day had just started, hadn’t it! In the afternoon, we had a very special appointment, namely to a wine tasting at vinoroma by Hande Leimer, the owner of vinoroma and a twitter friend of my girl. We got their for a special, namely Signs of Spring. And spring it was. We were 9 in total. Hande first explained some things about wine and tasting wine, the way to look, smell, and taste (two sip method: first a small sip, so that the taste buds get used to the wine and then a bigger one, to really taste the wine) and then we started the looking, smelling and tasting ourselves. We were all encouraged to say what we had smelled, or tasted and then Hande would explain where that came from. All in all, we tasted 7 wines, 3 proseccos (sorry Hande) sparkling wines, 3 white wines and one really dark rose wine. Not all were my taste, which I of course had not expected anyway, but all were special wines. For instance the Colli Trevigiani IGT from Fratelli Cosmo, a prosecco sparkling wine made by the Metodo Rurale as it was called, a very acidy wine, which almost tasted like apple cider. Very interesting, I think I liked it, but maybe not for everyday drinking. What I did like for sure was the franciacorta,a prosecco sparkling wine from lombardia from il Mosnel, a name to remember….lecker! From the white wines I think I liked the Fiano di Avellino from Vadiaperti best. I should have made notes though, it is so hard to remember how each wine tasted and what exactly I like about it. What I do remember very clearly is that I especially liked the ones that tasted very clean (or as my girl put it: cold), I think in general, that tasted better than the creamier/oilier ones, for me.

So vinoroma: very good tasting in a very informal atmosphere, not posh, nothing with the noses in the air, but a down to earth and funny wine lesson. Hande knows a lot about each wine, how it’s made, what makes it special, etc etc. and you can simply ask anything, without feeling stupid. Really nice.

After the tasting, we went to eat to ‘La Carbonara’ in Via Panisperna. Apparently, a very popular place (crowded). We drank a white wine (of course, after the signs of spring, what else could we drink), a frasciati. We started with a shared portion of fried vegetables, which were done perfectly, tasty, not too greasy, a little salty. very nice. After that I ate straccetti, cause that was one of the main options, I had no idea what it was and just hoped it wouldn’t be a funny organ, turned out it is really finely cut beef, in my case with cheese and truffle. It tasted nice, but it was a bit too heavy for me. The saltimbocca on the other side of the table was much much better. Or I should say, more to my taste. A nice buttery, lemony taste with sage, very tender meat. hmmm. I really wished I had ordered that too! Now, although the food was good, we probably wouldn’t go there again. The service was not particularly nice, some waiters were rather unfriendly and all in all it was very hectic. Pity really, cause the food was good, and so was the prize.


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