Italy, day 14

Time to leave Siena, and head back to Rom to pick up my girl from the station and have a few days vacation in Rom. During Lunchtime I sat in the bus from Siena to Rom, which takes about 3 hours. I had bought a nice panino with salame, which was freshly made, and the salame was great.

I arrived in Rom around 4pm, had enough time to go to my B&B (well, B, really, since they didn’t serve breakfast) and walk around a little, before picking up my girl (finally!). We had reserved a table in Trattoria Morgana, which we both knew from an earlier vacation to be good. Service is not the friendliest in the world, but it is ok and the food and wine are great for a very reasonable price. We ordered a white wine from Lazio, namely a Satrico Casale del Giglio, new to me, a very fresh dry white wine. We liked it. As a starter we had a proscuitto e mozzarella (she) and a bresaola with rucola and fresh parmezan (me). Both were excellent, the meat was great, very tender and just really good quality, and so was the cheese. we drizzled some great olive oil on it, and knew: it was definitely the right decision to have a short vacation in rom.

For secundo (we skipped primi sorry) we both had fish, solefish (she) and seabass (me) both from the grill, and as contorno an artichoke made in roman style. Here too, we were very happy, the fish was grilled very well, not too dry, and very fresh. The artichoke was nice too, although i think I do like the small fried ones from Siena a little bit better.

No room left for desert, but some for a small grappa morbida. Such a good start of our vacation all in all!

(to be continued)


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