Italy, day 11

yesterday was the day of simple food.

It started with lunch, I was cold, and I saw they had pasta in the cafeteria, I thought it looked like carbonara, so great, and ordered it. Turned out, it was pasta with old bread!! Wow. I think it might be pushing the idea of simple food and few ingredients a little bit too much. Not that it didn’t taste. It was ok, a bit boring maybe. It was cold, unfortunately, and definitely not a carbonara. But well ok, learnt something again, I didn’t know this variety yet.

For dinner I went to the same pizza place i was with colleagues before, with a nice view of the Piazza. I ordered a quatro stagioni, which I used to offer all the time, but I let some variation slip in, and hence, I had not yet eaten a quaro stagioni. Not a good thing, so I decided to catch up. The pizza was nice, so was the ham, the artichokes and the champignons (fresh, of course), the olives were not good, something from a glass I think, you know, those black ones without stone, in water? They are only ok if you cook them in something for a while, not just like this. Anyway, nice pizza, nice view.



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