Italy, day 9

Only lunch was exciting today, or well, very nice, if not exciting. Dinner was the same as yesterday (and man is this pit cheese nice!).

Anyway, I decided to be a tourist today, and I went to San Gimignano. The ride with the bus through tuscany was already very nice, beautiful views. When I arrived in SG I first thought I was landed in tourist hell. Incredibly touristic, tourist shops with typical tuscan products (ceramics, ham, olive wood, wine, pasta, and just stuff) everywhere. One street, which leads directly to the place where the duomo is, crowded, and basically consisting of these shops. I decided I needed to get a map as soon as possible to get away from the crowds, so I went to the tourist information (for which I had to join all the other tourist to the piazza.) Strangely enough the tourist information was empty (what then, were all those tourist doing there? Did they already know there way around? Did they only wanted to see the piazza and then go shopping? I have no idea). anyway, i got myself a map, and this showed a walking route along or on the old walls, around San Gimignano. So, I started walking, and this was the best part of my visit, cause SG is built relatively high on a hill, by waking the wall, you get the most spectacular views of tuscany. beautiful, really.

Because of the walking, I of course got hungry, and luckily I stumbled upon a nice restaurant: Dulcis in Fundo, a nice place, with, when door and window are opened a very nice view on the hills of tuscany. When I arrived it was empty, so i picked the best place, looking out the door. Not only the view was good. The restaurant was too. The waitress and waiter were very kind and relaxed and the food was good too. I ordered bruschetta and again pici (it is turning into my favourite pasta, pity, cannot easily get it at home) this time with tomato sauce. Both were perfect. The bruschetta had very nice fresh sweet tomatos, and thank god no raw onions (in germany very often you get it with raw onion in it. Why? I think it is much better without it) and a very nice oil.

The pici too were very tasty and the tomato sauce great, not to sweet not to sour.

I had ordered a Vernaccia to drink, cause I thought, if not in San Gimignano, then where else will i find a good one. And indeed, good too. A little hard to describe. Definitely not my favourite white wine (i liked the vermentino I had last summer muh better), but at least this was a good one, unlike the ones I had drunk at the piazza, which were okish.

Anyway, go visit San Gimignano, don’t worry about the crowded street, go walk the wall, and then visit dulcisinfundo for lunch or dinner.


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