Italy, day 8

Lunch, on my own this time. But, hey, i can do lunch in italy or in italian, that is, no problem. I went to the cafetaria, and order panzanella. Ok I had to repeat it, cause the intonation was probably of the first time, but, panzanella is what i got. Panzanella is basically a bread salat and a very good way of getting rid of old bread. This was a very simple, but still very nice version: soaked old bread, tomatoes and basil and dressed with a little (well quite a bit actually) olive oil. Nice lunch food, especially when sitting in the sun and having this:


Around half past three then, I thought i’d done enough work, and it was time for me to sit in the sun, work on my tan, and drink an aperitivo. So, off to the piazza again, and I tried another Vernaccia in another bar. The wine was ok, the bar not so, not very friendly waitresses and well, not the right atmosphere (in case you not want to go there, it is the one next to the Bandorieno pizzeria). So after my glass of white wine, I dediced I’d had enough sun anyway, so I moved a few bars, and landed in the shadow in what seems to become my favorite (the bar pallio) and ordered an aperol spritz. They really make good ones, and the waiters and waitresses are nice.

For dinner, I decided to do something easy in the hotel, so ciabatta, some tomatoes, and i bought two new unknown cheeses: pecorino sardo dolce, a sardinian sheep cheese, nice, but not my favorite so far. And a formaggio di fossa DOP Sapori. I had no idea what it was, but google is always helpful, and it turns out to be pit cheese, and there is a nice story to it (check the link). It has a very strong taste, I think. hard to describe. But nice, and even nicer with a glass of red wine.



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