Italy, day 7

And again a nice food day. Today we went for lunch to the restaurant that was closed in the evenings, namely the restaurant in Ortidepecci, here. A very nice place to be, with ok-to-good but simple food (and not expensive). I ate a spaghetti with a mixed vegetable sauce, which also had some kind of pesto which was not made too fine in it, this made for a nice taste as well as a nice texture, finding something nutty in there in every bite.

After work, in the evening my colleagues and I went to Il Bandierino at the piazza (comment of my colleague, a pizza won’t the best food here anyway, so why not enjoy it with a view?). However, the pizzas were actually quite nice here, and my italian collleagues agreed. Definitely better than the other pizza I had a couple of days ago. I went for simple: pizza bufala, with tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala and some parmesan, and that was basically it. Great pizza though! I learn the distinction between two styles of crust: the very thin one is typically Roman style (which I will find out about in a week), the one with the thicker crust (which we had here) is more typical napoleonic. Ok. I don’t mind, I think i like both.

Then it was suggested to have a desert, wow, not that I was hungry anymore, but we went to a famous ice cream place, Grom, which is supposed to have the best ice in Siena. (they actually have shops all over italy, and also in some world cities, like New York, Tokyo, hmm not to surehow I feel about that). I had two tastes, ciocolate fondante and caramelo sale, or salty caramel. Especially the latter was fantastic, a really original taste for ice, and extremely good. Pefect texture, just great. I am not so in favor of chains, but well, they do a really really good job. And they seem to care about the environment as well. So, go there if you are in Italy.





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