Italy, day 6

Lunch: ribollita in the cafeteria of the restaurant, wow, that is heavy stuff. A bean, bread, cabage soup (well, soup? shouldn’t that be fluid to some extent? this one you could eat with a fork really). What can I say? I am not a big cabage fan, but for food with cabage this was nice. But omg do not eat this for lunch, because you will not be able to work for a while after it, nor eat.

Dinner then, I was surprised I could eat again, after the soup i though i might not need to eat for a week (pity), but around 7, i started getting hungry again, which was good, cause we were supposed to go out for dinner.

We tried to go to the restaurant in Ortidepecci, here, but until April 15th they are open only for lunch, which I might try some other day. Instead, we ended up in a classical trattoria, Papei, which is famous for its local food. Papei looks a bit messy, but that is basically cause it is reallly informal, I think. The waiters (I didn’t see one female, btw in general there are very many male waiters I noticed) were very kind, and spoke in rapid Italian to my colleagues and in good English to me. We all had the same food, at least for primi and secundi.

For primi we had ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, I had it served with butter and sage (which i both love), my company had it with mushrooms. It was delicious. Very good pasta, very delicate filling. perfect. The secundi was even better, we had tagliata a monticiano, meaning grilled beef, cut in rough stripes, with garlic, oil and rosemary. It was very very very good beef. very tender, perfectly done, and the combination of flavours was just great. A pity one can eat only so much. As contorno we ordered carcicioffi again, this time they were done on the grill, wrapped in paper. I liked them even better then the deep fried ones.

We did not have room for desert, but ordered one anyway, here our opinions divided, one of us had cantuccini with vin santo. The other had something that was called chocolate salami, which basically meant a very very rich chocolate pie (a sinn on a plate, honestly). and I had torta di nonna. Grandmothers cake, a cake with a kind of cream filling, or rather a kind of pudding, topped with chopped almonds. It was great. Dinner was finished with an espresso with shot of grappa, hoping this would help digest all the delicious food (it did as a matter of fact, i did not feel as having overeaten).

I can only smile after such a nice dinner, in such nice company (i learnt the story of the gallo nero, and also to spot venus and jupiter)





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