Italy, day 5

Plans have been changed, the dinner with colleagues for today has been postponed to tomorrow, since we figured we would all be more relaxed then. Which meant, today, I had to cater for myself.

No problem. Lunch was ok, but apart from the burning sun we sat in, nothing special. After I gave my talk, I decided I would invite myself to a glass of white wine at the piazza. I had a vernaccia, which was nice, but I think it could have been nicer. it was a little to sour to my taste, but, well, view, sun, etc. made up for this completely. And I also did not expect them to serve their best wine by the liter, or as it was in my case, 1/4 litro. For really good wine, i probably should have ordered a bottle, but, since i was alone…well, i decided to keep that treat for next week.

Then I went to an alimentari and bought pasta with tomatoes and ham, which I warmed up in the hotel, as well as grilled zucchini and pepper, which were delicious, really really really good. I wish I could get them this good at home.

But, the real treat of today, was something sweet. I know, I violated fasting. but i did so for a good reason, a good friend of mine, who knows italy well, said in Siena she had the best ricciarelli in the whole world. Now, I had to admit that I did not even know what ricciarelli was, but she told me she did a lot of research (she is a scientist after all), and as it happened to be, the best place in the world for these biscuits was just around the corner of my hotel. Which was the first reason I had to buy them. The second one, was that I promised to eat one for her. So I went to Via San Girolamo (Siena) and there is a panificio at number 9-11 which is called S. Girolamo, and there they were. Of course I couldn’t resist trying one immediately. And indeed: biscuit heaven. These are incredibly good. I don’t know what less good ones taste like, but should you ever be in Siena, go to S. Girolamo and buy them!


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