Italy, day 4

Breakfast in the hotel, unspectacular (but hey, since when were the italians known for their breakfast?)

Lunch at work (yes, really, I am actually working here): grilled eggplant, with mozzarella and tomato. The concept is nice, the eggplant wasn’t, strange tangy taste, it bit a bit. But the view! Made up for everything.

For dinner, I went to Osteria la sosta di Violante a recommendation from my Senese colleagues. Service was again very kind. It was quiet in the restaurant, but not unpleasantly so. I ordered tap water…AND GOT TAPWATER! Hurrah!

I ordered a glass of red house wine too, which turned out to be very nice. For food I had pici cacio e pepe because i had read somewhere that that was a local specialty for Siena. The pici I already had the other day, but then with artichokes and ewe cheese. It is turning into my new favourite pasta, i sure need to bring a package home. i like the consistency of it. It is much thicker than spaghetti, it almost has the consistency of spätzle (which i like a lot too).

Anyway, i wasn’t very hungry, and because of the cheese sauce I thought I would not be able to eat much more (true), and only order a cotorno, namely fried artichokes. Those I like a lot too, but the ones I had the other day, where better.

all in all a much better food experience than yesterday. Let’s see what day 5 will bring me!


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