Italy day two

not so exciting as yesterday, since i did not went out for dinner, but instead bought stuff in the supermarket. I will be here for a while, and i don’t like going out for dinner all the time. Apart from that, this way i could combine eating with chatting with a friend who is abroad as well.

anyway, after breakfast i had a perfect capuccino on a terrace with the sun on my face. Very nice!

Lunch and Dinner were then basically the same: fresh Italian strawberries (hmmm), pear, cherrie tomatoes, cheese (fontina and tallegio), salami, ciabatta. Very nice as well

Dinner was accompagnied by a chianti classico. I learnt how to recognize a good Chianti from a bad one from my colleagues here. I had told them, that in Germany, so many bad Chiantis are sold, so that i hardly ever buy one, there. They were surprised (is there such a thing as a bad Chianti??? yes there is, apparently you guys keep the good stuff here, which is what i would do if i made Chianti myself. And these colleagues live in the Chianti area, so they will not drink the bad stuff, of course), but anyway, then they told me if it  is a Chianti classico and it has a little black rooster (gallo nero) on the lable, right below the cork, then it cannot be bad.

I put that to test by buying myself a black rooster wine form the supermarket for 5,25. Experiment 1 supported the hypothesis.

I’ll test more, i hope.


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