Italy, day 3

So, day three was a bit of a disappointment, first i had an overprized and not so great cappucino on the piazza. But, it was in the sun, and i was in my tanktop, so, i did not complain. Moreover, I had made myself breakfast that morning with strawberries, pear and fruit yoghurt (which counts as a violation of my fasting, it being sweet stuff from the supermarket..sorry), so i had had something nice already. Lunch was the same as day 2, I ate all the fontina, man is that a nice cheese, really good! And i ate the rest of the bread, and tomatoes.

For dinner, I had hope to go to a small restaurant which my colleagues had recommended. But alas, closed on sunday. Instead I walked to the piazza del campo, since it is such a nice place to be, and looked for a restaurant there, aware of the fact that i might land in a tourist trap. I had had a nice pasta on day 0 there, so I hoped the best of it. Only the restaurant i knew was pretty full, so I walked further, Many highly overprized restaurants, but there was one -Ristorante alla Speranza- which looked nice and was reasonably priced. And since i opted for pizza, I thought not so much could go wrong anyway. The service was very very nice. Of course it was a quiet evening and all that and I don’t know how these guys react under stress, but now: very kind and attentive.

When I read this:

i probably should have left immediately…

anyway, i ordered a pizza ciaccino bosciaiolo con mozzarella funghi salsiccia e origano, as well as a glass of chianti and i tried to order a glass of tap water. The first thing I was asked back: still or sparkling? Ha ha, no no no, I meant simple water from the tap, not bottled. Ok! He understood. He said.

And then came back to fill my glass with Chianti, which was nice. And after a while, came back with a small bottle of still water. Not tap water. Is it possible at all to get tap water in Italy? Such a waste, all those bottles travelling around the globe. But well, I didn’t complain, basically because apparently they did not understand my english, and my italian is not good enough to discuss the type of water beyond still and sparkling.

Then the pizza arrived. No oregano. Or if it was there, it was well hidden. And, more worse, I am pretty sure the funghi were not fresh, but from a glass. And if there is anything I cannot stand, then it is glassed champignons on a pizza (or anywhere really). And then, in Italy?How hard is it to cut three real fresh champignons and put the slices on the pizza? I am sure it is even cheaper too. As said a disappointment. It was btw a pizza bianco, without the tomatosauce, and that I did like for a change.

Anyway, I just looked up the reviews on Tripadvisor for this restaurant, and everyone is quite positive. Hmm, strange. I won’t go there again, not for dinner that is.









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