Gallo Nero

Last week I was in Bremen, for several reasons. The plan was to go to friends and have ‘Grünkohl’, but unfortunately that date was cancelled. Since I had to go to Bremen for work anyway, and since we wanted to look for a new dining table (and YES, we ordered one, here 2.20m! It’s gonna be here in 6-8 weeks, and as soon as we have chairs as well, we can start inviting lots of people for dinner. That is going to be so much fun), we didn’t cancel the whole trip. And I was so lucky to be taken out for dinner by my girl, she knew the perfect italian restaurant in Bremen. So, after furniture shopping, work appointment, i was picked up from the Strassenbahn and we walked to: Gallo Nero.  A nice looking restaurant, and looking at the reservation signs on the tables obviously popular as well.

We were helped by two very kind waiters, who clearly enjoyed their job. I always like that, if people working in a restaurant are having fun at what they are doing. well, they had fun. Dinner started with nice bread, regular and one with olives, served with butter with truffles, which was very nice. (only, after the antipasti were being served, we couldn’t really smell it anymore, so intensive was the smell). Very quickly a bruschetta with tomato and basil from the house was served. Also really nice (however, with raw onions on it as well, i don’t like raw onions very much, and i never understood what they are sometimes doing on bruschetta, surely tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil tastes great enough?).

We order a mixed plate of antipasti to begin with:

antipasti gallo nerothis was absolutely great! It is in itself a very good reason to visit this restaurant, honestly. There was parma ham with mozzarella di buffala, scallops, asparagus, grilled vegetables, sea fruit salad, vitello tonato, carpaccio (two of my all time favourite antipasti), everything really nice and fresh.

After this, we had a little break, because, wow, this was already a lot of food (I actually think i could live on antipasti alone, if they are well done :-)). We had ordered two different main courses. I had saltimbocca romana, with fresh pasta :saltimboccaGood meat, with a nice sauce, a little on the sour side, but for this dish i liked it, and it went very well with the sage. My girl ordered I think argentinian beef, if i remember correctly:This was also served with fresh pasta and cherry tomatoes, and by the look of it, and the sounds my girl made I am sure it was at least as good as the saltimbocca. After this, we unfortunately did not have any room left for desert, which was a pity, cause what i saw at our neighboors table looked delicious. Instead we ordered a macchiato, which was excellent, and got a good grappa on the side from the house.

Oh and i almost forgot, we also drank something of course. As an aperitivo we had veneziano, lecker! and then a good glass of red wine, and that’s all i can say about it. I forgot to note down the name, it was adviced by the waiter, and it was a perfect advice.

All in all: great restaurant, I will sure go there again, if I have the chance. So if you are in Bremen and fancy some good italian food, this place is highly recommended. I guess in the weekend you better make a reservation.








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