Good morning muffins

so, this fasting thing, interesting. I apparently really have a sweet tooth. So, i bake. Much more than usual. Last week i made pancakes (with speck! and syrupe! the dutch way, lekker) for a friend with two kids. I also made the poppy-seed cake again. It was even better than last time.

And today i decided i wanted to try something new. So for the first time in my life i made muffins without a mix. Ha, so, there we go (i used to bring these mixes from the states, they are very good actually, but well self-made is better i guessed.) In the deliciousdays cookbook (form Nicole Stich) i found a recipe called good morning muffins which looked very good.

-btw: do you also have the experience of having meters of cookbooks from which you cooked one, maybe two or three recipes, and that’s it? well i do. But every once in a while i find, or get a cookbook from which i cook more and more and every single recipe works out well. This delicousdays, a christmas gift from a very dear person, turned out to be one of them. i think it is not available anymore, but should you run into it: buy it, otherwise of course there is always the website –

What you need: 200gr carrots, 175 flour, 80 gr ground haselnuts, three tbsp haselnuts, 150 cane sugar, pinch of salt, pinch of cinnamon, 2 tsp baking powder, 100gr sunflower oil, 1 small apple, 2 big eggs.

Briefly roast the ground haselnuts (don’t burn them, as i did, this happens relatively suddenly, so don’t leave them haselnuts alone, otherwise you’ll need 160 gr of ground haselnuts) in a dry pan over medium heat and let it cool a little. Cut the other haselnuts roughly and put aside. Mix flour with salt, baking powder and cinnamon. Grate the carrots finely. Beat the eggs with the sugar and the oil with a mixer for about 2 minutes. Add the carrots. mix well, add the ground haselnuts, and mix again. Then add the flour and mix until everything is mixed evenly. Finely cut the apple and slice finely (i cut it in eight and then sliced finely) and mix into the rest.

Then fill the muffin forms, and sprinkle them with the chopped haselnuts and cook in oven at 180 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (the original recipe said 30-35 minutes, but in my oven they were done after 20-25 minutes. Then again, my oven is strange, so just keep attention to your muffins.).

I almost immediately tried one, well after letting it cool off a bit: really nice, even around 9.00pm, not necessarily only a good morning muffin.



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