The whole concept of not eating is a bit problematic for me, but the idea of abstainance in order to become more aware of habits, or to become more concious about food is something i like a lot.

So today the fasting time starts. i have never ever done anything about that, although i played with the idea very often. Now, not eating is not an option, that would neither be good for me, nor for the people around me. Not eating meat then? Well, yes, maybe next year ok? No smoking, ha well, i hardly ever do that anymore anyway, so that would not be a challenge.

After thinking about it for some time, i found a habit that i don’t like all that much, and that will cost me something to abstain from: I will not eat any bought sweet things. Home made jam, cake, desert etc. is fine, so are sweet vegetables and fruits. But no sweets, chocolate, liquorice, cookies, or cakes bought in a store. I happen to eat a lot of sweet nonsense, i have a really sweet taste, so, here goes. As of today until eastern i will not eat any bought sweet things.

I’ll let you know how that goes. i am especially worried about the chocolate easter eggs. To make life easier i will start with making poppy seed cake  (from the deliciousdays cookbook) on thursday.


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