Two weeks ago i was on a work visit in Tours, France. Very nice  city, must be even nicer in spring and summer. If i can i will be back some time.

Should you ever be in the area, here are a few things you shouldn’t miss:

-go visit the cathedrale, very beautiful windows

-take a walk along the Loire

-for restaurants: do not go to the old square, go to ‘rue colbert’ instead. Try La Ruche for instance, local food for a very good price. (i’m afraid i chickened out the frog legs, I’m already regretting it.)

-le Rideau Rouge is a nice place too, next to the theatre, rue de scellerie, reservations needed in the weekend.

-visit the market on saturday: les Halles and the market place outside.

-buy as many different goat cheeses as you can, they are delicious!

-drink vouvray (still! i brought home a bottle of sparkling wine as well, but didn’t try it yet, it waits for a special occasion. no just any special occasion, a specific special occasion).

and tonight, i will be trying my first daring kitchen dare. exciting! More about that on february 14th.


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