the island and the count

i seem to be in a very sea-ish phase of my life, lots of travelling to the sea, to islands, both for work (Malta, Greece, Portugal) and privately. This weekend i visited Schiermonnikoog, the smallest Dutch waddeneiland with my oldest and dearest friend. To talk, walk, talk, walk talk, and walk and talk a little more. Of course we also had to eat, and since options are limited on the island (only one village), and many restaurants are either in the category ‘expensive and not good of boring’ or ‘cheap and even more boring’, we did some research first. We ended in the restaurant of hotel of Count Bernstorff, which was onces recommended to my by a colleague. Rightfully so. It was a very nice dinner, not very cheap, but worth its price. we had a three-course menue for 39 per person, and we could decide for ourselves what we wanted to have (two starters and a main dish, or a main dish and two deserts, or the more conventional starter – main – desert, which is what we took). There were about 5-6 dishes to choose from, some with more local products, but not all. The service was very friendly, and helpful.

this is what i started with: mozzarella di buffalo, but, not from italy, but from Groningen, i still have to check where they made it, but it was fantastic, with grilled pepper and eggplant, and really as good as good mozzarella from Italy. My friend had rillette from Duck and Goose, which was also very nice, but a little to much different spices to my taste. but it went very well with the fig compote it was served with. After that lamb for her (nice, as she told me) and entrecote with tagliatella for me:

very well done, very tender meat. For me the piece was a little too big, i would have been satisfied with 1/3 less, but also: well done!

We finished with desert, choco terrine for me, and mascarpone cake for my friend, and we left very happy, and more than satisfied.

SO, should you be on Schiermonnikoog and hungry: go there, it is good!


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