stuffed peppers

A few weeks ago i had bought masses of baby peppers for a good price at the market. Of course way too many for the small household i’m in, so i looked for a recipe with which I could nicely ‘get rid’ of many peppers and landed here.

I made only half of the recipe, because of said small household, and…yummie. The first thing I said was: these are really nice to bring to a party. My tablemate agreed and suggested I make them again today. So, off i went, to get 24 peppers:

small peppers

Beautiful, aren’t they?

I followed the recipe, only instead of pancetta, I used simple bacon, which works fine as well (then again, I didn’t try the pancetta variety, since it is so hard to get here, it might be even nicer).

It is a very nice recipe, and I guess it will impress the guests tomorrow: BUT never ever try this for more than 24 peppers :-)!

small pepppers filledoh…and I have absolutely no idea why one needs kosher salt in it, or even what kosher salt is. I’ll look it up, until then: normal salt it is.



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